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The City of Los Banos Ca.

Our online guru of web design has gifted the people in the City of Los Banos California with a place to go to learn about their town. Known as a great place for hunters, particularly waterfowl hunters, Los Banos is in the middle of the Central Valley in California. This is not the official city website or the chamber of commerce.

If you will be passing through town there are two restaurants that he particularly enjoys; Espanas Southwest Bar and Grill and M & M Italian Restaurant. both of which he has developed websites for.

If you are going to be in town, the Los Banos Calendar of Events might be helpful to you. They regularly post activities and town event information there and then link it to other websites where you can obtain even more information. It is a good information clearinghouse if you are interested in finding out what may special things be happening in Los Banos on any given day. Things like the Los Banos Tomato Festival - another site they developed for the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce.

If you go hunting or vacationing in Los Banos you will need to look at the places to stay which includes number of inns, lodging, hotels , motels and a bed and breakfast to choose from.

If you are into hunting or just want to take the family to a city park in Los Banos you need to check out the recreation link. Not only do they cover information on every single City Park in Los Banos, but they also talk about the wilderness and preserve areas adjacent to or within easy driving distance of the city.

Of course you might want to move to Los Banos. In that case the section on relocating to Los Banos Ca is great!

If hunting and fishing are a way of life for you and you have school aged children you may want to look at the Los Banos education and homeschool information that they have posted. Even folks from outside of Los Banos will benefit from the curriculum, education links, free printables, and extra study guides that they give away free on the homeschooling section of their website.

(Guesthollow.com - a website developed years ago for sharing free curricula and supplements, pintables, timelines, schedules, curricula and supplements. is a good one. They present educational material and home school reviews, blog posts,)

Memorable Places has also has developed a web page for most of the 80+ Community Organizations and 30+ Churches in Los Banos and they have also developed full-blown websites to help several other organizations in the community. This includes websites developed for the Los Banos Rotary Club, the Los Banos Soroptimist club , the Soroptimist Sierra Pacific Region Organization and

Germino, Amaral, and Jordan Professional Law Corporation - or webmaster created a website for a Los Banos Lawfirm specializing inn civil litigation, family law, immigration issues and more. Los Banos Lawyers .com is composed of four local Los Banos Attorneys who do a full spectrum of legal work.

There is an extensive section on downtown shopping in Los Banos posted.
Jobs and Employment are also given a resource page.

The makers of the OurLosBanos.com website also post a blog and opinion section. They obviously care for their town and are making suggestions on how to improve Los Banos from their perspective.

Get over to http://www.ourlosbanos.com and learn about the City of Los Banos California.

This is a great website.

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